10 Most Famous People in the History

Most famous and influential people in the history: Influential people are those people who have affected the world history whether negatively or positively. The behavior was completely unpredictable and therefore the behavior cannot be speculated. Even if the people do not want to react they would have to react to their behavior because they have got affected. Top 10 most influential people of the world are listed below.

Christian prophet Jesus


Christian prophet Jesus is the first one amongst the list of 10 most significant people in human history. After 2000 years we are talking about him this justify significance of Jesus. As Christian believe that he is the reason behind the seasons.

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln was the president of United States. There are 3 US presidents who have been in this list. He was the 16th president of America. He is the one who stood for truth, freedom and justice. He is considered to be the most influential American.

Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte has escaped the boundaries in terms of personality. As he had never been cruel, nor violent, neither good nor sympathetic. He had been potential and had dangerous ambition. He has been difficult to define as this has been said by many authors.

William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare has been known for its style and abilities for what he has been unmatched with other authors. The theme of his plays has been so famous that it is has been nowadays for the play of this time such as Othello, Taming of the shrew.

George Washington

George Washington has been popular for leaving presidency voluntarily.He could have been the president for his whole life like presidents of other countries did. He has been symbol for humility and sacrifice.

Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler had unstable behavior with the mixture of terrible temper. He was outburst of anger when he was corrected and had interesting ideas like composing his own opera or redesigning the city of Vienna but certainly looses interest after some time. Therefore he was not able to complete anything.



Aristotle had given emphasis on human happiness. He considered when a person is genuinely happy, it fulfills wide variety of conditions from physical to mental. He had been a great thinker and had contributed towards different subjects.



Alexander the great has been the one of most influential conqueror. In 13 years, he has conquered a large area in ancient world and therefore had largest empire at that point of time. Many of his accomplishment had been due to his father.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson had been courteous person and hence bowed to everyone. He had been the founder of a democratic party and known for declaration of independence as all men are equal and equal rights.

Bill gates


Bill gates has been richest person for 15 years out of 20 years.He has been the founder of Microsoft company and has been spending more of his time with product manager in order to compete with his rivals like Google and apple


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