Animal’s Photography of the Week

Today, DdesignerR plan to start a new series “Animals Photography of the Week”. This will consist unusual, amazing and beautiful animals photography shot in the past week. Which is your favorite photo? Tell us in the comment.
Animal Photography (1)

3-month years old black-capuchin named Diago eating watermelon with her mother at  zoo Bintu Hunter Valley Nulkaba, Australia.

Animal Photography (2)

Ponies in the snow, Ottawa, Canada.

Animal Photography (3)

California-based architectural firm came up with the idea of home for their office cat Mietta.

Animal Photography (4)

Photographer Matt Woods took this photo when he feeds a robin in his garden in Ipswich.

Animal Photography (5)

Soldiers of the Indian Border Security Force in camel, standing in front of the presidential palace in India, Rashtrapati Bhava,n during a rehearsal ceremony of their republic day.

Animal Photography (6)

Photographer, Adhi Prayodzha , took this photograph dragonflies, ants attacked on 2 stalks of grass at Rembiga, Mataram, Indonesia. In the end, without struggle, dragonflies escaped from ants.

Animal Photography (7)

Giant western lowland gorilla, Malu, haunting in dense forest Dzanga-Sangha in Central African Republic. 25-year-old Malua sniffs swarm of butterflies.

Animal Photography (8)

Leopard seal tries to bite the penguin, which floats on the sea in Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula.

Animal Photography (9)

Group of ostriches in the pen at an ostrich farm in the Belarusian village Kozishche

Animal Photography (10)

Polar bear swims in the newly opened building “Artic Circle” in the Copenhagen Zoo.

Animal Photography (11)

Photo of huskies running during a training session in Feshibridzh, Avemor, Scotland.

Animal Photography (12)

Endangered species, the Asiatic lion, 10-week old, Kamran, now grown in Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Animal Photography (13)

A flock of geese fly past the flags around the Washington Monument in Washington.

Animal Photography (14)

Photographer Wayne Marinovich took this picture. a lion cub and his older brother in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Animal Photography (15)

Bald Eagle fishing on the Mississippi River, Iowa.

Animal Photography (16)

Shetland pony wearing cardigans from Scottish wool, on the occasion of  nature of Scotland.

Animal Photography (17)

 Japanese family of macaques huddle together for warmth in the mountains Tszigokudani, Nagano, Japan

Animal Photography (18)

Tiger rolls around in the snow in Buffalo Zoo, while this region is experiencing cold winter weather.

Animal Photography (19)

11-year-old female Chihuahua named Grizett dressed in fashionable clothes at an event in Tokyo.

Animal Photography (20)

Eagle Steller steals prey from eagle in Kamchatka, Russia.

Animal Photography (22)

Red squirrel eating in the snow in Northumberland.

Animal Photography (23)

Little penguins enjoy some relief from the heat in the pool at Macedonia, Australia.

Animal Photography (24)

Photographer Fred Builov took diver William Vinrama while swimming with tiger sharks in the South African coast.


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