Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Training Photography

About This Photography These are his awesome photographs of  Shaolin Monks who are practicing kung-fu and other martial arts. Photographer- Tomasz Gudzowaty He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University . Is a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers and the Polish Press Agency and the European Press Agency … Continue reading Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Training Photography

Mauro Risch’s Photography

Photographer – Mauro Risch Mauro Risch is a highly experienced commercial photographer specialising in conceptual still life shots and lifestyle. He was involved in the world of Photography since the age of 13, he illustrates stories through his photography.Many of the warm and vibrant colours contribute to his elements of style. He became a member … Continue reading Mauro Risch’s Photography

Creative Apple Logos

Designer – Viktor Hertz Viktor Hertz is a freelance design artist and photographer, located in Uppsala, Sweden. His main area is designing posters, He is currently a bit obsessed with custom art movie posters, but he try to be as wide as possible. We are sure you will enjoy this creative apple logos project. Twitter: @Hertzen83 What … Continue reading Creative Apple Logos

Graphic Tees Designs

Designer – Glenn Jones Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand. Glenn from NZ = GLENNZ. He has worked in the design industry for over 18 years focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration. After success designing graphic tees on he started his own range of graphic … Continue reading Graphic Tees Designs