Real Painful Truth About Our Life in Graphs

I know we are already tired of so many graphs in our life, especially if you are a college kid, we are pretty sure that you have seen so many graphs in your lifetime. Today we are going to present graphs. Oh Wait….. These are not the usual graphs that you see in your lecture! Yes! Danish writer Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler artist created a series of graphs of some really painful truths about life in the modern world. Most of them are mixed brilliant irony and sarcasm, still all of them are painfully truthful. Tell us, which is your favorite one 🙂

Dietary ExpertTruth about life (1)

Your Weekly ScheduleTruth about life (2)

Choose your CoffeeTruth about life (3)

Tips!?Truth about life (4)

Things that Melt

Truth about life (5)

Wasting TimeTruth about life (6)

Buying BananaTruth about life (7)

Online DatingTruth about life (8)

Suburban Neighborhood Truth about life (9)

Salary IndexTruth about life (10)

Steak vs ChickenTruth about life (11)

Cat and LadiesTruth about life (12)

The BIGGEST lie! Truth about life (13)

Traffic Laws..Truth about life (14)

WeightliftingTruth about life (15)

IKEA.. Blueprint?!Truth about life (16)

Men and their Sandals  Truth about life (17)

Enthusiasm at ConcertsTruth about life (18)

Helicopter in MoviesTruth about life (19)

How ling can you live without Internet? Truth about life (20)

Facebook..Truth about life (21)

What it Means When Someone Say you Look TiredTruth about life (22)

Curve in McDonaldsTruth about life (23)

Smoke Detectors in Real?!Truth about life (24)

Spelling Errors in EmailTruth about life (25)

Women’s MagazineTruth about life (26)

Going to MoviesTruth about life (27)

Digital Media EvolutionTruth about life (28)

ReligionTruth about life (29)

Are Men Helpful?Truth about life (30)

Bank Opening HoursTruth about life (31)

Restraint vs PanicTruth about life (32)

Unlike ButtonTruth about life (33)

Toothpaste ContentsTruth about life (34)

Source of Illustration: kindofnormal

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