Trendy Ways to Display your Photography with Pride

It seems as though the days of the plain and ordinary picture fame is ending and new trends in home décor and displaying photographs is emerging. The shots we take of our friends and family tell a lot about who we are and visitors study what evidence we leave lying around in our pictures, picking out clues as to who we are when they are not around. Many of us grew up with the occasional frame on the end table and one entire wall dedicated to a family gallery that grew and expanded as the people became older. Very few snapshots of candid happenings could be found unless you perused the many photo albums on the bookshelves. Well, times have changed…

Pictures hold a connection to us as people. We took that specific one for a reason and when we look back at it, that particular memory comes flooding back. So, with that in mind, why hide it away? Bring it out and share it, make guests in your home aware of how momentous an occasion that was for you. There are ways to have formal shots and candids coinciding in your home like artwork to be viewed and appreciated for how special it is.

Make yourself a photo clothesline: 

This is a very casual way to display your memories using a rope or chain and clothespins or paperclips. Think about the theme of the area you are putting it in when choosing your materials, a more rustic feel would warrant a jute style rope and old fashioned clothespins with sepia toned photographs. For nautical, you could use white cotton rope and very vivid photos or mix them with a few black and whites for a nice texture.

Have Custom Wallpaper Made:

There are places that will turn your photos into large scale graphics for your walls, you supply the measurements, they print you the product. It can be as big or small as you would like, so take the best shot of your last vacation and have it made up to cover that one strange wall you might have lurking about and have no idea what to do with. Or, take that amazing wedding photo and have it sized for your entry way. No matter how you look at it, your best shots are on display and will be a great conversation starter!

Apply a Family Tree Wall Graphic:

Often times the gathering room of the house becomes cluttered with décor, souvenirs, and the trophies of our lives. Our personalities cannot possibly compete with all of that. The family tree is associated with relation, being close knit, belonging together. When you apply this symbol to the wall of your home, it sends a very comforting message to those who visit and then hang your photos from the branches. Now, it does not have to be a picture to represent each person in your household, mind you. Be creative and show off what you do as a family!

Break the mold of yesterday and step out of the box a bit where your photography is concerned. Show off your art pieces, you took them for a reason.

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